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Friday, March 23, 2012

oh! fair maiden

i do the miss !

i long for thy embrace,

i long for thy kiss.

time put us apart

and i wonder why

maybe i offered ye laugh

when i were to cry.

time keeps on flying

awaits for no one,

i am wishing you by me

so i were not alone.

oh, ye fair maiden !

wheres is thy heart ?

for i figure not

why you keep us apart.

trick of the world

trick of the light

all of my living

all of my might.

i still figure not

why thou leave such height

has thou forgot thy value

has thou forgot thy bright ?

lest ye forget that !

please kindly, do ye remind,

that thou is my lady

and ye is so kind !

thou are my queen,

with thou my heart lies.

oh, how i long for thy love,

and to gaze upon thy eyes.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Ainda me lembro quando escreviamos coisas um para o outro.

Coisas parvas, coisas giras, algumas interessantes. Desenhos tambem.

Era giro. Agora sao outros tempos, isso passou. Estamos longe um do outro.

Mas as vezes ainda me lembro de ti. Acho que ainda gosto de ti, um pedacinho.

O amor e' para sempre. Se calhar e' verdade.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everyday I talk and smile

and live the life

its worth the while.

everyday i walk and walk

im here and there

its alright.

but deep inside of me,

theres something

thats still alive.

a memory, a wish, a good bye.

a hello, a sigh.

our hands together,

and even your smile.

and through the times of time,

i try and try.

to forget and understand,

and master my desire.

but still to my sorrow,

the memory insists to reside.

the memory, a wish, a hello,

a goodbye. your love, the touch

of your hand, your smile.

every day, and again,

i walk and feel alive.

but, (the) happiness once had

is no longer mine.

though this is redundant

it is no lie.

oh my, oh why,

should my heart cry?

why our paths have crossed,

and then said good bye?

i cannot pretend,

i cannot lie,

you were the most wonderful thing

that happened to I...

for a change of rhyme,

i will now write night.

you were the most beatiful thing

i ever had upon my sight

how we kissed back then

felt so fine and right.

to this very day i cannot


another fair maiden

to be my delight.

could be the truth

could this be a lie?

maybe i make up such

facts so im able to write,

poems such as this one

for time to pass by.

this matters not

if its true or nigh.

for every day i walk,

and feel much alive.

or maybe i am only

trying to hide,

the olden memory

that insists to reside

and that leads me to feeling my dear,

that i miss you,

right by my side.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Once upon a time, many moons ago.

man was happy. life was great.

music was good, but there was something missing.

Then, God envisioned the Synthesizer,

to better comunicate with

His ultimate creation, Man.

So, one day, man dreamed of the synthesizer.

Man, dreamed, and one day, after much research

and effort, he realized his Dream.

The Synthesizer was born!!!


From then on,

Music was beggining to made with synthesizers,

for man's enjoyment. Much happiness came from this

wonderful piece of equipment.

With time, more and more humans, learned to love the

sound made with this new instrument.

And now... this comunication lives,

through the Soul of this machine...

the Synthesizer.

Friday, March 04, 2011

We are us. We are you, and me.
We are the vanquished,
and the conquerer.
We are us. We, are, together,
We are Kings.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Oh cometh day of joy, oh cometh day of glory

let us gather hands

and unfold our loving story

let me gaze upon thy beauty

that no higher can be found

for thou is my perfect match

i shall keep the safe and sound

to the i do surrender

with this greater happiness

oh i feel such emotion

with thy tender caress

Friday, February 18, 2011

Eu ou├žo-te,

nada temas.

Eu sei-te;

nada temas.